Tuesday, August 12, 2014

3 Key Ways to Increase Your Boston Home Value

When it comes to selling your home in Boston, it's difficult to find one single homeowner who doesn't want a healthy home value. In fact, many are constantly looking for ways to increase home value before listing. Regardless of what your renovation plans may say, increasing your home value does not have to be expensive— just consider these low-cost ideas:

Put Away Personal Photographs
No contractor involved, no demolition necessary. Simply put your personal photographs in a safe place while homebuyers are touring your property. Why? Boston homebuyers want to feel a connection to a home and as photos are very specific to the homeowner, they can get in the way of that. While you will have many memories in your home, the homebuyer should feel they're in a neutral space when they come inside.

Edit, Edit, Edit
Like I mentioned above, homebuyers are looking for a neutral space, a clean slate when they tour homes in Boston. Does your home boast an open, de-cluttered feel? Even if you think you're already in good shape, take a few minutes to walk around and "edit" your furniture. Remove the big, bulky items, especially if they're blocking a focal point like a fireplace or city view.

Increase Comfortability
Naturally you feel at home in the property— you're the homeowner. But will a Boston homebuyer? When listing your home in the Boston real estate market, it's important to make the buyer feel welcome and that includes playing to the senses. Be sure to mask any odors left behind by pets, play calming music instead of loud, fast-paced tunes, and keep the home's best features in plain sight. 

As your Boston Metro real estate expert, I am happy to help you with the entire selling process— from listing to closing. For everything in between, I can assist you with details on today's Boston real estate market and what homebuyers are attracted to in homes. We will work together to ensure your home sells and that you'll soon be on your way to your next dream home.

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